Medium-sized company manufacturer of industrial pumps
Mapner is a company with a technical product and a long payback period, that it is sold in big projects mainly related to biogas, water treatment, cement industry and mining.

In order to sell Mapner’s products, being ‘recommended’ by big international engineering firms can quite necessary, as well as working with distributors or dealers that, in addition to the commercial activity on site, need to provide maintenance.
Onura has given support to Mapner’s Sales Department for several years now, helping them in whatever they may need.

We have looked for trade channels in countries such as Colombia, Poland, Turkey and Bulgaria. We have also looked for big European engineering firms that would recommend Mapner as a supplier in their projects. We have followed up the commercial activity of distributors or dealers in order to set projects in countries such us the United Kingdom, Poland or Romania. We have worked with the management team making their international development plan. Both exportation of products and the implementation of the company in target markets (first commercial presence, afterwards productive) have been studied.