Grupo Adilan

It is a collaboration among 3 companies and a technology centre.

Together with our partner for Strategy, People, Finance and Innovation, Ope Consultores, we worked on this project of 3 well-known companies of the Durango area that decided to come together with a technology centre in order to analyse the potential of a special material to be sold.

We organised the group and decided how to work: we decided to test the potential of the product trying to sell it to potential clients of a specific profile.

This is what we call an ‘Operational Market Research.’ ‘We learn as we try to sell.’ A common brand was made up, and a simple web and a value proposition were created. Then, we contacted potential clients, we checked the opportunity, we made offers and we got to sell. And most importantly, the joint value proposition, team coordination, and the trust between the parties were all considerably improved.