DTQ4 – CAF Power & Automation

A company belonging to CAF group, developer of embedded software.

One of the most technical projects in which we have worked.

DTQ4, a spinoff of the CAF group (today integrated into CAF Power & Automation), was launched aiming to sell services outside CAF, their ‘internal’ client. Having very qualified personnel in developing onboard software, DTQ4 relied on Onura to speed up sales.

We worked closely the their team to determine two target markets, apart from the domestic market, developing a different value proposition appropriate for each market, retail chain and client profile.

We worked with domestic end customers (most of them having a multinational profile), generating a systematic commercial activity that was aimed to get meetings with development teams of end customers. We did so in Germany and in Brazil too, to asses the potential and then develop partnerships that allow to sell a service remotely.