Basque Rail Group


Group of three companies of the railway industry.

Together with the Development Agency of Alto Urola (UGGASA), Onura worked for this group of companies willing to cooperate and join forces to enter new markets and clients that they could not easily reach.

We worked with the three companies in the definition of specific and common targets for each of the them. A greater trust was generated among the participants, and this allowed not only to look for new clients in new markets, but also to even share their current ones and to refer their clients to their actual partners in order to get better results.

The three companies got to make offers to new clients worldwide, and they also developed a sales method that helped them quickly know whether they were competitive or not in a market, which allowed them to sell. Several joint visits were organised to markets such as Brazil and France, with previously scheduled business appointments. Of course, we participated in the leading trade show of the railway industry too: Innotrans.