Commercial Activity ONline + OFFline

Sales Department ONline + OFFline

In our sales team we have experts who can advise in the best online tools for each of our clients. If you decide to go for them, we work the online sales channels B2B and B2C.

We use online tools to get market information and to get to that market, always making the most of your budget  and being fast.

The world is very big and we know budgets are always limited. Calling to potential clients is always more expensive than answering to potential clients that call us.

However, prioritising does not mean doing only one thing. That is the reason why we will directly knock on the doors of some market niches, but for others we will simply leave the door open (the web page) and provide them with a good service as soon as they contact us.

This way, we get to those we want to reach, and at the same time others can reach us too.

It’s the perfect funnel where our our ‘push’ and ‘pull’ strategies are combined.

We attend to and ‘chase’ all potential clients in a systematic way. We are persistent, we get clients to listen us and we earn their trust. We serve customers that contact through the website in a very short time.

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