International Plan of Action

We develop an action plan in the short term, with a medium to long term vision, as a result of the initial analysis, always according to the starting point, set goals and the available budget.

International Distributors

Finding international distributors or representatives for our clients is one of our specialties. We look for them and we negotiate in the target country. We can do this as part of the service of Commercial Outsourcing of the Export Department, or as a separate service. Previous experience in many countries: China, Russia, France, Germany, Brazil, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Poland, Hungary, Romania, England, Sweden, Norway, Chile, United States, Mexico, India, Egypt, Turkey, Peru, Colombia…

Trade shows

In Onura we also organise trade shows. Attending them as a visitor or as an exhibitor is highly recommended in every internationalisation process: it is a source of learning and, above all, a good trade and networking channel.

Feasability Study and Implementation

Investing in a foreign market demands a considerable workload for SMEs: a business feasibility study, a budget planning and the implementation. In Onura, we become part of our client’s team and we temporarily provide the necessary human resources to get all that.

Export Groups and Consortia

We strongly believe in the need to work in partnership. In Onura, we are used to lead business cooperation processes, from simple information exchanges and joint business activities to the creation of export groups and consortia and even mergers.

Outsourcing of the Export Department

Our commercial outsourcing service for export departments helps accelerate business results with the opening of new clients and entering new markets. We become part of our client’s team and we focus on those geographical areas or sectors for which the company does not have enough specific staff. No need for recruitment.

Supplier Network

Purchasing management can sometimes leave room for improvement.Many companies, sooner or later, end up asking themselves the same questions: Do we buy well? Could we do it better? How do others buy?

Operational Market Research

Our market studies are operational: ‘we learn as we sell’.
We define and look for new end customers and potential prescribers. At the same time, we learn from competitors’ trade channels and from that of complementary products.