Ola Simon

Ola Simon

Inside Sales

I was born in the Soviet Union, in Kazakhstan. This vast country full of nature gave me a wild and picturesque childhood before emigrating to the giant supermarkets of Germany, finally ending up in the green hills of the Basque Country. There is no shortcut to my story.

I studied art and I lost my heart to dance. Daily workouts of classical ballet made me exhausted, reducing my energy and making me think that my targets were not achievable. However, you reach them one day. You win. I know first-hand how much effort you need to invest to achieve the things that you want.

Wheter it be to nail a fouetté rond de jambe en tournant or to find the potential distributor that our client is eager for, I learnt to use all the means that I have, to put my heart and soul, to search constantly, to seek new horizons, to improve the technique and voilà! I would call myself a perfectionist.

I have travelled a lot and I have experienced many different realities. I have lived in the vibrant Berlin for 15 years, I have studied abroad and I have travelled half the world, taking advantage of every opportunity to get to know about new cultures and languages.

I speak fluent Russian, German and English and I am on my way to master Basque and Spanish.