Nicole Schenker

Nicole Schenker

Inside Sales


I’m Nicole Schenker, a Swiss that in Euskadi has found a second homeland.

In 2014 I joined the ONURA team, in the Inside Sales Department. We analyse the potential of target markets, we gather information, we create databases and we filter business contacts until we get sales.

What I like the most about my job is that is allows me to relate to clients from very diverse sectors and countries around the world. Being German my mother tongue, I mainly work with Central Europe, combining ‘mein Deutsch’, ‘avec du Français’ and, last but not least, English. I haven’t had to work in Basque yet, ‘baina ikasten ari naiz’ 🙂

I sometimes had the opportunity to accompany some of our clients on business trips. Not because they were not capable, but because there is power in numbers. If we combine their knowledge of the product with our commercial approach and proximity to markets, results are ‘almost’ guaranteed.