Mariette Rabanal

Mariette Rabanal

Gerente de Proyectos

Hello, I am Mariette Rabanal.

If there is something that defines me, it is … an expert in generating relationships at an international level. I graduated in Business Administration and Management and from there began my career abroad. I have complemented my knowledge by graduating in Marketing in the USA and I gained commercial experience working for multinational companies where I have been able to open new markets in other fields, other visions that have been very successful , with positive results in many of them.

I have lived in other countries, from which I think there is always a lot to learn: 4 years in Scandinavia, where I have not only managed to master the language, but I have also learned a philosophy of life and work very different from what we are used to. In the United States I have developed a large part of my professional career, being able to spend long periods in Australia , where I have been in charge of expanding the business, adapting to the demands and objectives of the company in the country.

I think that the industry is opening up more and more to new markets and that is where I can contribute my vision and experience. There is no bad product, but a poorly sold product.

I speak several languages ​​despite not being able to finish my studies in Russian and Turkish, I have them in my to do list! Although Spanish is my mother tongue, I am bilingual in English, I am fluent in Norwegian and Swedish. Portugal and its language are one of my passions, right next to us! Italy fascinates me and its language even more! I am capable of losing anyone on the streets of Naples!

I disconnect making plans with the family, traveling and enjoying a good meal after climbing the mountain or a day at the beach!