Libe Irizar

Libe Irizar

Inside Sales


I am Libe Irizar, a graduate of LEINN (Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Innovation) from the University of Mondragón. After learning and putting into practice different leadership and sales skills, creating and executing new projects in Spain, Finland, the United States, India and China, my journey now continues with Onura. 

Since my incorporation in 2020, I have been putting into practice the skills obtained throughout my career and I have performed the functions of Inside Sales, also participating in the development of a new methodology within the company.

The fact that I started working in the commercial field I think it was not a simple coincidence. During the four years of my career, working in different project teams together with my colleagues, I have been able to experience and get to know different areas of activity within a company and the Marketing & Sales area is the one that best suits my professional profile. 

The combination of my colleagues’ industrial experience and my profile allows me to contribute and lead new initiatives related to digital environments and social networks within the B2B industrial world. I believe that at this moment, it is essential to have a wide knowledge about the new digital trends in this field to help the existing projects within Onura.