Elena Markiegi

Elena Markiegi

Inside Sales

Hello! My name is Elena Markiegi.

I recently graduated in Business Administration and International Management Skills at Deusto University. I am the last person to join the Onura team.


Although it may seem a logical evolution of my career, ending up working in a company like Onura, was a coincidence; the result of finding the right person at the right time. 

The first thing that I learnt was that I was very lucky to have found a job that suits perfectly my personality

The second lesson that I learnt was that such “luck” can also be planned, sought, pursued and achieved! 

Right now, we are acting as a spearhead in different sectors and countries, acquiring commercial tools to interact with potential customers and going deeper and deeper into the needs of multiple markets.  In an environment as multidisciplinary as Onura’s, observing from the front row how the team works, being surrounded by dynamic people and applying well-optimized sales processes, you have the feeling you having been doing what you do for years. And I love it!

Almost as much as I love travelling and getting to know new cultures, I believe it is vital in my life to deal with people. During my degree, I had a great opportunity to do so while I stayed  in Australia and Italy… and as time goes on,  I hope to continue expanding those horizons in Onura.