Ane Mujika

Ane Mujika

Inside Sales Manager

Hello, I’m Ane Mujika.

I’m not going to introduce myself by saying where I come from, what my educational background is or listing the qualifications I have. I’ll simply say that, before I landed in Onura, I had no idea about how an engine worked, what would make a Monsieur come to my ‘neighbour’s workshop’ looking for a nut, or how a ‘piece of iron’ could be sold in Rostock.

But they must have seen something in me that made them accept me in the team. The truth is I am not too clumsy with new technologies and I guess the fact that I can speak 5 languages played in my favour…But honestly, there must have been something else to end up hiring a girl whose greatest ambition was to climb boulders by hook or by crook.

Maybe that’s exactly what I radiate and my CV doesn’t say: my desire to make progress, step by step, dodging the obstacles that get in my way until I reach the goal. I always try to work steadily, never losing motivation and with my eyes fixed on the goal.

So far, I have travelled more than 40,000 km around the world in the name of our clients since 2009, entering markets wherever we would recognise a business opportunity. This has allowed me to expand my knowledge about very different industries such as the machine-tool, food, design furniture, health, childcare and software, among others.

In Onura, I grow travelling. What else could I wish for?